"The most simple, the most beautiful"

HENZA Inc. was established in the Summer of 2016, along with lifestyle brand “HENZA” - inspired by L.A. culture. The relaxed lifestyle of L.A. Is something every busy,modern woman, struggling to take a breath amongst the struggles of daily life, aspire to. What is it that these women truly need to shine their brightest? We believe that the simple and natural lifestyle of L.A. is the key to the true beauty of independent women. HENZA helps them to unleash their mind and body and shares L.A. culture with the world through its designs from its own standpoint here in Tokyo.






"Live in the moment"


HENZA is sensitive to the four seasons,  releasing a different collection for Spring,  Summer,  Autumn and Winter, Each season centres around a different color theme, producing original apparel ranging from jeans to dress, to accessories which take the essence of diary life. By presenting the collections in real time, we support the needs of women who live in the moment. 

「HENZA」はSpring, Summer, Autumn, Winterの4シーズン制からなり、毎シーズン異なる”色”をキーワードに、